Hail to the Chainsaw Enamel Pin Set Preorder Announcement

80s Horror Bruce Campbell Enamel Pin Evil Dead 2

evil dead 2, enamel pin set, scary basement media, bruce campbell
What is it about the Evil Dead franchise that has keep fans in love with it over the last 40 years? Maybe it was the effects, the humor or was it Bruce Campbell's portrayal of the lovable doofus Ash Williams character? I would wager good deadite money (I wish there were such a thing) on it being the perfect storm of all those things. Not too mentions Sam Raimi's unique style of directing. Those camera movements can't be replicated by anyone else but Sam. Hell, even in the series, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, the first very first episode was directed by Raimi and in my opinion is the best episode of the entire series. 
evil dead 2, enamel pin set, scary basement media, bruce campbell
Between the actual films though, it's always hard to choose between Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn or Army of Darkness for which is the better movie. They both sit in that extremely hard to pull off horror/comedy sub genre. Albeit, Army of Darkness is much less of "horror. If I had a chainsaw put to my head, I would have to say that Evil Dead 2 is my go to. Bruce really shined with his Three Stooges inspired physical comedy and mixed with his smoldering leading man good looks. I mean, look at that beautiful chin! 
evil dead 2, enamel pin, scary basement media, groovy bruce campbell
It was my love for this groovy ass movie to design the above enamel pin set and make it available for other fans. We are only having 50 of these sets available and it comes with a free "Hail to the Chainsaw" tee!  So, hail to the king and grab yourself one of the pin sets before they're gone because once they are gone, they're history, baby.